I’m Back!

So, it has clearly been a while since my last post. It has been a crazy school/travel year and while I always meant to get around to this, there just always seemed to be so much to do or plan. However, I am back and I have exciting news. The countdown is on and in exactly two months, I will be both unemployed and homeless.

That’s right! After three years, I am officially leaving China and taking a break from teaching. Obviously that leaves me with more time to actually work on my blog but more importantly, travel. There is no official plan yet. Every time I come up with one, I just find a cheaper flight or a new country I want to go with so it’s constantly a work in progress which I love. It feels great to just search through flights with no real date that I need to get anywhere and to be able to look at any country or city I want.

There are two official dates locked in. I have a flight book from Athens to Dubai on October 8th (it was only £80 and I could’t pass that up) and a wedding to be in July 12th, 2018 in Belize. Other than that, I will just be bouncing around for the next year, most likely between Australia, New Zealand, and all over South America. So, stay tuned because these post should be getting much more interesting!


Also, a little look at the kiddos that have kept me so busy throughout the year. I’m excited for a new adventure but I will miss these guys.

IMG_2688      IMG_2656     IMG_2543 IMG_0941IMG_1064IMG_0856     IMG_0716

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